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What is Solaira infrared heating?
Solaira S-WAVE TM infrared heaters work like the sun, radiating their heat instantly to the person or objects within their beam. It is the most effective way to warm people, as there is no warm up period. Also, as the air in between remains unheated no heat is lost to drafts, open doors or high roof spaces. This form of heating is ideal in commercial buildings, shipping areas, breezy common areas and all outdoor application as the heating can be zoned and controlled.
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Are Solaira electric infrared heaters expensive to run?
No. Correctly designed heating layouts (Solaira offers a free design service) will establish exact heater requirements. By adding Solaira digital variable controls and occupancy sensors you can save even more energy by adjusting heat requirements to the environment and weather automatically turned off if there is no one in the zone. All operating costs can be calculated in advance and no warm up periods are required. )
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Are Solaira infrared heaters controllable?
Yes. Solaira offers variable controllers, which offer maximum flexibility for commercial, industrial and residential applications. Solaira digital, solid-state controllers can offer savings of up to 70%.
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How long does it take before the Solaira infrared heaters are fully effective?
They are 85% radiant efficient within one second of switching on; If Solaira digital controllers are utilized, our “soft start technology” will have the heaters at the desired output within 3 seconds while increasing emitter life by 20%.
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Are Solaira infrared heaters safe to use?
Yes. Philips and Solaira infrared quartz lamps are similar in operation and safety requirements to normal Halogen floodlight lamps, and when installed as recommended and under normal, correct usage are a low-risk product.
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Is there any UV output from Solaira infrared heaters?
No. Solaira quartz infrared heaters project pure infrared heat and NO Ultra Violet light (UV).
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How long do the Solaira infrared emitters (lamps) last?
Depending upon the type of heater and its use, the lamps have an average life span of 6,000 hours, the exception being the Solaira AS1200 where they average 1,100 hours; with a constant level of heat throughout their life. Utilizing the Solaira digital variable control can increase the life of the emitter by 20%; our “soft start” technology reduces the high inrush and in turn increases the life of the emitter.
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Where can I buy Solaira infrared heaters?
Please contact Solaira (info@solairaheaters) and Inforesight for details of your local distributors and authorized online re-sellers.
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Are Solaira infrared heaters suitable for outdoor use?
Yes, Solaira quartz infrared heaters produce short wavelength infrared (the only type of heat which is instant, directional and does not blow away) which is different then propane or natural gas heaters. Also, as they do not use gas they are completely safe to use. Solaira offers a range of IP weatherproof quartz heaters which are suitable for outdoor use, and which have been specially coated to prevent rust.
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Are specialist installers or electricians required to install?
Our residential heaters can simply be plugged into a standard socket (GFI protected for outdoor use) and a certified electrician is recommended to install our commercial, industrial heaters and controllers.
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Do Solaira infrared heaters require special venting?
No, Solaira infrared heaters do not consume oxygen to operate and do not produce any carbon dioxide or nitrous oxides (by products of combustion associated with gas or propane burning units) that require extensive venting systems.
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Can Solaira infrared heaters be used in hazardous areas?
No. Short wave infrared heaters must not be installed within any hazardous area. No part of the electrical control equipment associated with such heaters should be installed in such an area.
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 Do Solaira infrared heaters emit any light?
Yes. As a by-product, 9% of the output is light, which gives a gentle illumination. This light output can also be dimmed proportionally with the heat output by utilizing a variable controller.
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What area do Solaira infrared heaters cover?
Solaira quartz infrared heaters are engineered for specific applications and each heater series has a specific heat pattern based on it mounting height. As a general rule of thumb each single emitter, 1.5kW heaters that is mounted at 8’3” will provide approximately 100 square feet (10’ X 10’ ) of total coverage (TC) and an effective area (EA) of approximately 64 square feet.
The coverage area will change based on:

  • the heater configuration,

Example: A 2 emitter, horizontal (side by side), 3.0kW heater will give an approximate 180 sq ft of TC (120 EA) with an 10’ X 18’ coverage layout.

  • the heater mounting height

The higher the mounting height, the larger the coverage area HOWEVER there will be a reduction in heat intensity. If you plan to install at a higher mounting height, you should consider increasing the wattage of the heater based on your desired comfort level. Conversely, the lower the mounting height, the smaller the coverage area and a proportional increase in heat intensity.
Solaira design specialists can support your specific heating requirements with a detailed zone-heating plan; contact us directly at
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What colors are Solaira infrared heaters available in?
Solaira COSY, SCAW and AS1200 series heaters are available in black or white. Solaira ALPHA, COMMERCIAL AND RIVIERA/CAPRI Series are available in silver/grey. All Heaters can be ordered in specific color, lead-time and surcharges will apply.
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How do I compare BTU output to a propane or natural gas heater?
A BTU (British Thermal Unit) is used to describe the heat value (energy content) of fuels, and also to describe the power of heating and cooling systems, such as furnaces, stoves, barbecue grills, and air conditioners. Each kilowatt of power equals 3412 BTU’s and a 2.0 kW Heater produces 6824 BTU’s.
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So is a 35,000 BTU propane heaters warmer then a 1.5kW Solaira quartz infrared Heater…. not necessarily!
Solaira quartz infrared heaters produce short wave infrared heat (IR) that essentially warms people, objects and things where most propane or natural gas heaters produce little or no short wave IR, some medium wave IR and mostly “convective heat” (heat that heats the air around the heater and in turn heats you). Convective heat is less efficient as it is not directional and requires transference to the object that is to be heated meaning much of the heat generated is lost to the environment. Solaira short wave IR is 100% directional and the energy is transferred directly to you.
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What are the recommended mounting heights and clearances required?
Each heater series has it’s own recommended mounting height and clearances and are based on the heater design and wattage. Solaira 1.2-2.0kW powered units general recommended minimum mounting heights are between 6’7” and 8’3”. Our higher powered units minimum recommended mounting heights start at 8’3” and up. In terms of clearance to above, the minimum recommended is between 1’ and 1’6” based on the model. Note: there should never be anything within 5’ directly in front of or to the sides of the heater. Please refer to individual product recommended mounting heights for specific instructions.
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