ICR Series H2, Radiant Heater, Bar Avec, Chicago, IL
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Solaira ICR Series, Bar Avec Roof top, Chicago, IL

The Architect and Engineers Choice for Commercial Electric Heating

Indoor, Outdoor Commercial Heaters

Create comfort in commercial spaces with Solaira high performance, high efficiency radiant heaters and advanced controls. Solaira is recognized as an industry leader by designers, architects, and engineers.

Alpha Series, Morton's Steakhouse, Houston, TX
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Solaira Alpha Series, Morton's Steakhouse, Houston, TX

Engineered to perform


Since 2004, Solaira has been the Architect and Engineers choice for radiant infrared heater within the hospitality and tourism industry. Owners and operators demand high performance, high efficiency and above all, superior reliability for their heating needs. Maintaining a comfortable temperature is essential for customer retention. Solaira’s 4th generation filtered shortwave quartz tungsten emitters produce dominant radiant heat with the lowest visible light since Solaira’s inception.

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ICR Series, H2, Hyatt Regency Hotel, Mccormick Place Chicago, IL
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Solaira, ICR Series, H2, Hyatt Regency Hotel, Mccormick Place Chicago, IL

The right atmosphere makes the difference

Clubs & Resorts

Clubs and resorts rely on customer satisfaction and retention. Providing a safe and secure environment where tourists and guests can relax after long days of sightseeing or business meetings. Contributing to an enjoyable atmosphere where families can acquire memorable moments and life-long memories. Solaira provides heating and control solutions required to help keep your guests within a comfortable climate while enjoying your outdoor amenities.

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ICR Series H3, Walton Place, Chicago, IL
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Solaira, ICR Series, H3, Walton Place, Chicago, IL

Chose the right ambiance


Solaira brand heaters and controls are utilized across North America in variety of institutions, such as, medical centres, community centres, small to large office buildings and places of worship which require heating control management and distribution. Institutions benefit from Solaira's advanced short wave radiant heating technology, occupancy and on/off controls. Establishing a comfortable climate for your staff, community members or congregations will help benefit production, retention and long-term commitment.

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Alpha Series H3, Amway Center, Orlando, FL
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Solaira, Alpha Series, H3, Amway Center, Orlando, FL

Enjoy the feeling while outdoors

Sporting Venues

Solaira heaters and controls are trusted across North America in a number a small to professional sized sporting venues. From internal to external applications, selected sporting stadiums, gaming facilities, studios and animal services benefit from Solaira's advanced short wave radiant heating technology, occupancy and on/off controls. Demonstrating a comfortable climate venue for staff, loyal fans and sporting professionals and animals. 

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