Alpha Series, H3, Radiant Heater, Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas, NV
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Solaira Alpha Series, Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas, NV

Heating Applications for Clubs, Resorts & Attractions

Comfortable temperatures means happy customers

Enhance the guest experience during cold days with our high performance outdoor radiant heaters. Solaira electric heaters are installed and enjoyed globally.

Alpha Series, H2, Radiant Heater, The Breakers Resort, Palm Beach, FL
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Solaira, Alpha Series, H2, The Breakers Resort, Palm Beach, FL

Country Club

Country Club Heating

Country club members prefer comfortable patio environments and Solaira offers the perfect solution for country club heating on patios, decks and common areas. Solaira heaters can be used at country clubs to heat members but also staff, attendants in a valet/concierge environment and can also be used on patios and around any maintenance facilities that require supplemental heat. The idea is to utilize the benefits of Solairas' short wave radiant heat if, and only when needed. Solaira heaters are available in wall mount, ceiling mount and recess mount applications.

Solaira’s authorized dealers and distributors can support you with a layout design and mounting considerations to achieve target heat rise for almost any environment.

Solaira heaters can be integrated with state of the art control systems. From building management (BMS) to stand alone variable, temperature and occupancy monitoring systems, a system can be designed to suit your specific requirements.

Alpha Series H2, Radiant Heater, Black Mountain Ski Resort, Jackson, NH
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Solaira, Alpha Series, H2, Black Mountain Ski Resort,

Mountain Resort

Ski Resort Heating

Ski resorts test the limits of any outdoor heating product and Solaira is the choice of some of the top resorts around the world including Aspen, Buttermilk, Telluride, Breckenridge Co, Whistler, The Canyons, Killington, Vt, Fernie to namedrop a few. Cold temperatures, blowing snow and sleet are easily handled by Solaira weatherproof IP55 rated outdoor radiant heaters. Output can be specified to deliver an achieved heat rise and Solaira electric radiant technology is virtually unaffected by wind, just like the warmth of the sun on a cold day.

Adding infrared radiant heaters accompanied with controls, such as, timed push button switches or a passive occupancy sensor allows operators to increase comfort zones where guests can enjoy the outdoors. Solaira infrared heater and control technology is ideal for outdoor breezy environments, while windy conditions have limited effect on the infrared heat provided.

Learn More about Ski Resort Heating
Alpha Series H2, Radiant Heater, Disney Wilderness Lodge, Orlando, FL
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Solaira, Alpha Series, H2, Disney Wilderness Lodge, Orlando, FL

Theme Parks

A magical atmosphere

A theme parks primary goal is to provide their customers with a memorable experience which includes great attractions, great food, and family fun entertainment. When the temperature drops, keeping customers comfortable on the outdoor patios can be challenging, unless operators consider using energy efficient, commercial electric patio heaters. Our engineered heating systems can be designed with fully integrable controls, which include occupancy monitoring, ambient temperature monitoring and variable output. Alternatively, independent system options are available and manufactured as a simple solution.

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Alpha Series H3, Radiant Heater, Bon Vivant, Telluride, CO
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Solaira, Alpha Series, H3, Bon Vivant, Telluride, CO

ICR Series H3, Radiant Heater, Coca-Cola Store, Orlando, FL
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Solaira, ICR Series, H3, Coca-Cola Store, Orlando, FL

ICR Series H2, Radiant Heater, The Westin Hotel, Toronto, ON
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Solaira, ICR Series, H2, The Westin Hotel, Toronto, ON