ICR Series, H3, Residential Patio Application
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Solaira, ICR Series, H3, Residential Patio Application

Electric Radiant Patio Heating Solutions


Patio heaters for your favorite outdoor space means more time to enjoy in a comfortable environment. Recessed, wall mounted or ceiling suspended heaters for the perfect design.

ICR Series H2, Residential Patio Application
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Solaira, ICR Series, H2, Residential Patio Application

Add temperature comfort to your outdoor utopia

Single Family

We understand that each outdoor environment requires a custom heating solution. Solaira offers a flexible range of electric outdoor heaters with flexible mounting options, to ensure ultimate efficiency in application and comfort. Solaira radiant heaters perform in all conditions and regions of the country but also seamlessly complement your outdoor decor, regardless of your mounting decision.

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ICR Series H1, Avenue One Condominiums, Vancouver, BC
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Solaira, ICR Series, H1, Avenue One Condominiums, Vancouver, BC

Temperature ready outdoor enjoyment


As city’s push to gentrify urban city areas and increase density, we see taller buildings. Builders are discovering that providing condo/strata owners useable heated outdoor patio space has become a top priority. New condominium owners can now enjoy their outdoor patio space on cooler days and builders are able to sell the outdoor area as a more feature rich outdoor living space.

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