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Why Does Your Restaurant Need Heating?

Solaira understands the importance of patio heating for restaurants. Customer comfort means positive experiences and increased revenue. Solaira heating systems have been supplying the hospitality sector for many years and our customer list is a testament to the product performance and reliability.

Which Solaira Product Will Heat Your Restaurant

Solaira unique S-wave infrared radiant technology converts greater then 85% of consumed energy into directional, controllable radiant heat. This technology is virtually unaffected by wind and properly planned heated terraces can be enjoyed year-round.

Heat Up Your Restaurant Patio With Solaira

In terms of layout design, Solaira offers various form factors to suit the unique space heating requirements of any project. Space optimization, efficient performance and architectural appeal are critical design considerations. Whether it is the NEW Solaira ICR series that can be fully integrated (recessed) or wall and ceiling suspended or the sleek high output XL series heater, customer comfort will be the primary objective.

Restaurant heating

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Solaira restaurant heaters can also be integrated with state of the art control systems that offer restaurant owners ultimate control. From Building Management integration (BMS) to stand alone variable, temperature monitoring and occupancy monitoring systems: A system can be designed to suit your specific requirements.

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