Warehouse Heating

We Specialize in Shipping and Warehouse Heating

Solaira specializes in infrared heating and our broad range of engineered products are an ideal solution for typically difficult warehouse heating applications.

Warehouse heating

The Perfect Solution for Warehouse Heating

Solaira offers the perfect solution to warehouse zone and spot heating requirements or if you want to raise the ambient heat of the entire warehouse. Warehouses are generally known to be difficult to heat environments due to high, open spaces and constant air exchange due to open doors. Traditional heating considerations include gas tube that require constant maintenance.

Solairas short wave radiant heat are well suited for these demanding environments due to large heat coverage areas, zero pre-heating costs and radiant delivered heat. Why keep the entire warehouse at 75 degrees when you can instantly achieve the targeted heat rise when you need it with Solaira heaters. Solaira’s authorized dealers and distributors can support you with a layout design and mounting considerations to achieve target heat rise for your warehouse.

Shipping doors can provide a very cold environment for shippers, freight handlers and any other staff that work in the shipping door due to constant heat exchange caused by open doors. Solaira S-wave technology delivers short wave radiant energy that is virtually unaffected by air movement and are an excellent solution for shipping door heating. While a worker will still feel the wind, they will feel the radiant waves from the Solaira heaters.

Solaira heaters can be integrated with state of the art control systems. From building management (BMS) to stand alone variable, temperature and occupancy monitoring systems, a system can be designed to suit your specific requirements.

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