Porte-Cochere Heating

Specialized Infrared Heating

Solaira specializes in infrared heating and our broad range of engineered products are an ideal solution for porte-cochere applications.

Keep Your Valet Areas Warm

Porte-cochere and Valet areas of hotels can be very cold while your customers are waiting for their car, taxi or limousine but they do not need to be with high performance, high output porte-cochere heating.

Solaira short wave radiant heat can be integrated into the properties structure (fully recessed porte-cochere heater), ceiling suspended or wall/post mounted to suit. Solaira’s authorized dealers and distributors can support you with a layout design and mounting considerations to achieve target heat rise for almost any environment.

port cochere heating

Solaira heaters can be integrated with state of the art control systems. From building management (BMS) to stand alone variable, temperature and occupancy monitoring systems, a system can be designed to suit your specific requirements.

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