Recessed Flush Mount Ceiling Heater

Solaira specializes in infrared heating systems and our architects and designers can now add integrated (recessed or flush mount) heaters to ceilings for completely clean look.

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Recessed Ceiling Heater Applications

Integrated or Recessed ceiling patio heater applications provide for a very clean flush look and can be color matched to not take away from the designers feel objectives. Solaira ICR series Heaters are available in 3 sizes to allow specifiers flexibility to achieve target heat rise with flexibility. Solaira ICR series heaters a cCSAus approved to UL2021 and CSA 22.2 when installed in an integrated (recessed) application by the contractor and all clearances and installation procedures are adhered to as outlined in the installation manual.

Solaira ICR series heaters are available in both standard S-wave as well aas CANDEL series low light and are ideally suited for recessed patio heating, recessed valet area heating, recessed porte-cochere heating and outdoor residential recessed patio heating. Solaira’s authorized dealers and distributors can support you with a layout design and mounting considerations to achieve target heat rise for almost any environment.

Solaira heaters can be integrated with state of the art control systems. From building management (BMS) to stand alone variable, temperature and occupancy monitoring systems, a system can be designed to suit your specific requirements.

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