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One of North America’s Leading Infrared Area and Patio Heater Companies

Inforesight Consumer Products Incorporated is an infrared heating company that was established in 2004 with the vision to utilize the latest high performance radiant technology in engineered heating and control solutions. Our technologies are centered on high efficiency, exceptional performance and exceptionally high commercial quality for long term performance. Our technologies are utilized around the world and in the most severe environments as required by our military, commercial and industrial customers. Our designs are built on performance yet designed with the architect and engineer in mind.

“Through Innovation, we make consumers lives simpler and more rewarding.”

Infrared Heating at its Best

A quartz technology converting 85% (92% at the emitter lamp) of the available energy into directional, infrared heat utilized in zone heating systems. Utilized in warehouses, commercial/hospitality comfort areas, military check points and border crossings as well as residential patio’s, decks and veranda. Solaira Heaters are a cost effective, convenient heat solution looking for comfort heat alternatives to propane and Natural gas products. Solaira control systems include soft start, digital variable control, occupancy and temperature monitoring sensors for maximum efficiencies. Building Management integration for all applications.

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