Solaira, Alpha Series H3, Joey’s Restaurant, Manhattan Beach, CA
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Solaira, Alpha Series, H3, Joey’s Restaurant, Manhattan Beach, CA

Heating Solutions for Architects & Designers

Driven by engineering, design and performance

Our vision is to provide architects and engineers electric outdoor heaters to create perfect spaces with infrastructure grade equipment. Our technologies are used in commercial, hospitality, industrial and residential applications.

ICR Series H2, Envoy Marriot Hotel, Boston, MA
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Solaira, ICR Series, H2, Envoy Marriot Hotel, Boston, MA

Seamless Integration

Versatility, performance and reliability

Solaira products are recognized globally for state-of-the-art performance and design. Every Solaira radiant heater is fabricated from first-class materials to deliver premium outdoor heating. The perfect balance of versatility, performance and reliability. Suitable for any environment with Control options to fully integrate your heating system and temperature control.

ICR Series H2, Radiant Heater, Bar Avec, Chicago, IL
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Solaira, ICR Series, H2, Bar Avec, Chicago, IL

Target Temperatures on High Ceiling Applications

Industry leading mounting heights

High ceiling applications have consistently been a complication for heaters to perform at peak performance. Solaira radiant heaters have eliminated that conventional thinking and have become industry disruptors. Solaira heaters are capable of mounting heights of up to 20+ ft, with little to no disruption in heating efficiency. Performance at the highest degree.

XL Slim Series H1, Conrad Hotel Rooftop Bar, New York, NY
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Solaira, XL Slim Series, H1, Conrad Hotel Rooftop Bar, New York, NY

For Design Intended Applications

Custom color options to compliment any environment

Colors signify more than emotions, it's a significant detail in any setting and how it interacts with design and surrounding objects. Solaira radiant heaters are accompanied with three colors, black, white and stainless steel. Solaira also offers an array of custom colors suitable for any design intended environment. 

Solaira Revit

for BIM professionals

Revit BIM files for Solaira heaters

Architects, engineers and designers can utilize Solaira's REVIT BIM files. Solaira's engineers have created detail rich REVIT files to suit the level of detail professionals require to develop their radiant heating projects accurately.

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Heat Spec Powered by Solaira

Heat Spec

Data driven heater layouts

Solaira’s HEATSPEC tool delivers elevated heater coverage visualizations. Our coverage areas are test-bench validated and represent the measured radiant heat delivered to the target space. HEATSPEC layouts deliver superior heat coverage and heat rise predictions. Using a combination of propriety data acquisition methods and Radiant energy simulations, Solaira° HEATSPEC delivers specific heater layouts and heat densities. Based on the results we work with you or your engineer to optimize the layout design to deliver an estimated heat rise. Deliver a HEATSPEC layout to your customers to bring confidence to heating projects of all sizes—from backyard patios to sports stadiums.

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Featured Products

ICR Series Recess Heater

High performance heater with low clearance and integrated, recess recessed installation options. See Details about ICR Series Recess Heater

Alpha Series Radiant Heater

Solaira Alpha Heater, H3, Antique Grey
Multi-mount heater for high mount radiant performance with rounded design. See Details about Alpha Series Radiant Heater

XL Slim Series Heater

Performance meets Elegance. Low clearances to ceilings and walls, available in stainless steel, black or white. See Details about XL Slim Series Heater

Industrial Series Radiant Heater

High power radiant heat designed for high mounting heights and high density demands. See Details about Industrial Series Radiant Heater

Cosy Series Heater

Compact and powerful. Engineered as a low profile, high power modular heater for specifications requiring lower mounting heights. See Details about Cosy Series Heater

Ziro Series Heater

Zero visible light, engineered for enclosed or semi-enclosed residential and commercial applications. See Details about Ziro Series Heater

Malibu Series Heater

Modern, free standing, fixed location three directional radiant heater for ultimate comfort and design. See Details about Malibu Series Heater
ICR Series H3, Governors Inn, Tallahassee, FL
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Solaira, ICR Series, H3, Governors Inn, Tallahassee, FL

Alpha Series H2, Southampton Harbour Hotel & Spa, Southampton, UK
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Solaira, Alpha Series, H2, Southampton Harbour Hotel & Spa, Southampton, UK

Alpha Series H2, Ocean Edge Resort and Golf Club, Brewster, MA
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Solaira, Alpha Series, H2, Ocean Edge Resort and Golf Club, Brewster, MA

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