Industrial Series H3 (x2), Empire State Building, New York, NY
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Solaira, Industrial Series, H3 (x2), Empire State Building, New York, NY

Radiant Heating technology, designed for Engineers

Influenced by precision engineering to elevate heater performance

Global engineering firms rely on Solaira radiant heaters and controls for electric performcane, durability, integration, and design. Infrastructure grade product for indoor and outdoor applications.

Heat Spec, Data Driven Heater Layouts

Heat Spec

Data Driven Heater Layouts

Solaira Heat Spec delivers data-driven coverage areas with radiant wattage/square foot metrics, while considering environmental conditions and site-specific circumstances. Our Applications Engineering team can help support with a Solaira Heat Spec engineered layout that brings a heat visualization to your customers, project owners or facility managers.

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XL Series, H2, Radiant Heater
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Solaira, XL Series, H2

Engineered Heating for Any Application

Radiant technology for value engineering

With Industry leading delivered radiant heat, Solaria’s short-wave technology allows us to provide heating comfort where others simply cannot. With superior mounting heights and strategic spot heating, let us help value engineer a solution to help maximum energy efficiency in your facility. For more information regarding our short-wave technology, educate yourself with our Radiant Heating 101.

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SMaRT, Occupancy Sensor Control
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Solaira, SMaRT, Occupancy Sensor Control

Control at Your Fingertips

Occupancy and temperature monitoring

Solaira’s short wave, electric infrared radiant heaters provide instantaneous heat, allowing designers to control heating as efficiently as the lighting industry controls lighting. Solaira controls use logic from an array of inputs – from temperature to occupancy sensors. This allows Building managers to allow heater usage when people are in the zone or when temperatures are low. Our high-power controls offer full integration to BACnet or home automation systems such as Lutron or Crestron. Reduce running costs and eliminate wasted heat using our array of control system heaters.

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Featured Products

ICR Series Recess Heater

High performance heater with low clearance and integrated, recess recessed installation options. See Details about ICR Series Recess Heater

Alpha Series Radiant Heater

Solaira Alpha Heater, H3, Antique Grey
Multi-mount heater for high mount radiant performance with rounded design. See Details about Alpha Series Radiant Heater

XL Slim Series Heater

Performance meets Elegance. Low clearances to ceilings and walls, available in stainless steel, black or white. See Details about XL Slim Series Heater

Omnis Custom Controls

A customized solution for all intelligent spaces. Engineers and Architects champion solution. See Details about Omnis Custom Controls

SMaRT Variable Heater Control

Engineered for single zone, outdoor mounted interface, up to 34A of heater output. See Details about SMaRT Variable Heater Control

SMaRT Occupancy Timer ON/OFF Control

Reduce energy costs with occupancy control technology. See Details about SMaRT Occupancy Timer ON/OFF Control

SMaRT Push Timer Control

Designed to provide energy savings when used with infrared heaters or other IP65 rated products. See Details about SMaRT Push Timer Control
Alpha Series H2, New York City Center, New York, NY
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Solaira, Alpha Series, H2, New York City Center, New York, NY

ICR Series, H2, Hyatt Regency, Chicago, IL
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Solaira, ICR Series, H2, Hyatt Regency, Chicago, IL

ICR Series H3, Sophy Hyde Park, Chicago, IL
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Solaira, ICR Series, H3, Sophy Hyde Park, Chicago, IL

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