Ziro Series

• Zero visible light, up to 10,000-hour emitter life.
• Indoor or outdoor rated for covered environments, heater recommended only in protected environments.

Solaira ZIRO Series Patio Heater

Sleek Radiant Heater with NO VISIBLE LIGHT

ZIRO series heaters are engineered for enclosed or semi-enclosed residential and commercial applications

Z3 2.4kW/240V Black
Part# Z3-24240B
Z4 3.2kW/240V Black
Part# Z4-32240B

The Solaira ZIRO range of ceramic infrared heaters give off virtually no visible light. Solaira Ziro far-infrared ceramic technology  utilizes one of the most energy-efficient forms of infrared heating on the market. This technology utilizes one of the highest ceramic emitter surface temperatures making it one of the highest radiant output heaters in its class.  Reliable, efficient and effective

  • Ideal for areas requiring radiant heat with no visible light
  • commercial grade
  • powder coated aluminum body and mounting brackets, stainless accessories
  • indoor or outdoor rated for covered conditions (Not recommended for Breezy Environments, Consider Solaira Candel for ultra low light options)
ModelGTIN/UPC#Total Power (Watts)Voltage (Volts)Total Current (Amps)Min. Height From Floor (Inches/cm)Clearance to Ceiling (Inches/cm) Clearance to Side-Wall (Inches/cm)Weight (Pounds/kg.)Replacement Emmitter
Ceiling MountWall Mount
Z2-16240B6871750027031600/1200240/2085.0/4.379″/79″ (201/201cm)11-3/4″ (30cm)40″ (100cm)7.5lbs (3.4kg)ZPLQAW08240
Z3-24240B6871750027102400/1800240/2087.5/6.579″/79″ (201/201cm)11-3/4″ (30cm)40″ (100cm)7.5lbs (3.4kg)ZPLQAW08240
Z4-32240B6871750027273200/2400240/20810.0/8.779″/79″ (201/201cm)11-3/4″ (30cm)40″ (100cm)7.5lbs (3.4kg)ZPLQAW08240
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The ZIRO series heater is a modern, sleek design allows architects to integrate radiant heat options for enclosed and semi-enclosed areas.

  • Soft, powerful radiant output
  • Sleek design for heat density from 1.6 and 3.2kW in 240V
  • Epoxy powder coated cast aluminum, stainless steel components
  • Up to 10,000 hour emitter life
  • Low maintenance
  • indoor or outdoor rated for covered environments (Heater not recommended for breezy environments)
  • cCSAus (to UL 2021 2nd Edition C22.2)
  • For ceiling or wall mount

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