Solaira Series of Products

Alpha Series

Alpha Series is a powerful, versatile heating system, engineered for commercial, industrial and residential applications.

  • Scaleable from 1.5kW – 18kW
  • High Mounting Heights
  • Euro Design
  • Wall and Ceiling Suspended

ICR Series

High Output Commercial/Industrial/Outdoor and Residential Radiant Heater.

  • High Mounting Heights
  • Low clearance to ceiling (6″)
  • Can be integrated (recessed) with optional trim kit and 1hr fire rated box by installer
  • For Wall, Ceiling Mount, Ceiling Suspended or Integrated (recessed)

XL Series

High efficiency, sleek architectural infrared heater for Commercial and Residential applications.

  • Sleek, low profile design
  • Powerful reflector
  • For Wall Mount

Cosy Series

Small compact infrared heater, ideal for smaller commercial and residential areas where smaller dimensions are required.

  • Compact Design
  • ideal for under commercial awning and umbrella (where approved)
  • For Wall Mount

Candel Series

Ultra Low light emitter radiant heat technology for high ambiance and cozy environments.

  • Available in Alpha, ICR (including recess) and XL form factors
  • 1.5kw- 4.5kW
  • For Wall, Ceiling Mount (ICR), Ceiling suspended (Alpha/ICR) or integrated (recessed – ICR)

ZIRO Series

ZIRO light radiant heaters engineered for enclosed or semi-enclosed commercial and residential applications.

  • sleek low profile design
  • ideal for enclosed, semi enclosed areas where no light is required
  • For Wall and Ceiling suspended Mount

Malibu Series

Modern, free standing, fixed location three directional radiant heat for  ultimate comfort and design

  • Fixed location, free standing minimizes space required
  • modern design
  • up to 6.0kW/240V
  • For fixed location mount

Solaira heaters can be integrated with state of the art control systems. From building management (BMS) to stand alone variable, temperature and occupancy monitoring systems, a system can be designed to suit your specific requirements.

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