Solaira ICR Series Infrared Heater

High Performance Heater Technology

High Output Commercial, Industrial and Outdoor Residential Radiant Patio Heater.

ICR H3, 4.5 – 6.0kW
ICR H2, 3.0 – 4.0kW
ICR H1, 2.0kW

Engineered for:

  • Commercial/residential (outdoor) high output radiant infrared heater
  • Low mounting clearance to ceiling
  • Recess or flush mount (integrated) installation
  • High mounting heights
  • Ceiling, Ceiling suspended, Integrated (recessed or flush) or wall mount options

Solaira’s new ICR Series high performance, high output engineered shortwave heating technology. ICR SERIES heaters produce short infrared wavelength which can convert greater than 85%  of consumed energy into instant, controllable, directional heat. Radiant efficiency is maximized because heat generated by SOLAIRA heaters warms people and objects, with limited warming of the air and is virtually unaffected by air current or breezes.

Low Ceiling Clearance
Solaira ICR SERIES allows specifying engineers to adjust specified heating loads based on area requirements. ICR SERIES heaters have low ceiling clearance requirements (as little as 4.5˝ clearance with included mounting bracket directly to ceiling and 6″ when mounted on wall)

Recessed (flush) Mount Option With Kit
Solaira ICR SERIES allows specifying engineers and architects to recess patio heater for commercial and outdoor residential ceiling structures***. The certified installation reduces ceiling clearance to zero minimizing ceiling clutter, for a clean, streamlined look. ***Recessed Solaira ICR Series heaters require recess/flush mount kit (sold separately) and 1 hr fire rated installation enclosure supplied by contractor as per approved manual guidelines.

Note: ICR Heaters and trim kits are available in standard-B Black  (RAL9005), custom RAL colors available
Note: All models come in standard low glare emitter lamps, for Ultra-low glare, please see CANDEL Series (LL)
Note: * Trim Kit required for integrated (recess or flush mount) application per cCSAus Instruction manual along with fire rated box provided by authorized contractor
ModelGTIN/UPC#Total Power (Watts)Voltage (Volts)Total Current (Amps)Min. Height From Floor (Inches/cm)Clearance to Ceiling (Inches/cm) Clearance to Side-Wall (Inches/cm)Weight (Pounds/kg.)Replacement Emmitter
Ceiling MountWall Mount
SICR20240B6871750010032000/1500240/2088.3/7.279″/79″ (201/201cm)6″ (15cm)40″ (100cm)7.5lbs (3.4kg)IWIRE20240
SICR30240B6871750010103000/2250240/20812.5/10.898″ (250cm)6″ (15cm)40″ (100cm)7.5lbs (3.4kg)IWIRE15240
SICR40240B6871750010274000/3000240/20816.7/14.498″ (250cm)6″ (15cm)40″ (100cm)7.5lbs (3.4kg)IWIRE20240
SICR450240B6871750010344500/3375240/20818.8/16.2108″/98-1/4″ (274/250cm)6″ (15cm)59″ (150cm)7.5lbs (3.4kg)IWIRE15240
SICR60240B6871750010416000/4500240/20825.0/21.6120″/108″ (305/274cm)6″ (15cm)59″ (150cm)17.6lbs (8.0kg)IWIRE20240
SICR-H1-TRMB* for recess application687175001508n/an/an/asee aboven/asee aboven/an/a

SICR-H2-TRMB* for recess application

687175001515n/an/an/asee aboven/asee aboven/an/a

SICR-H3-TRMB* for recess application

687175001522n/an/an/asee aboven/asee aboven/an/a
* Trim Kit required for integrated (recess) application per cCSAus Instruction manual along with fire rated box provided by authorized contractor
  • Sell Sheet

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  • Specification Sheet

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Wall, Ceiling or fully integrated (recessed)  Flush Mount Option
Solaira ICR Series infrared heater are designed for either wall mount or direct ceiling mount with included brackets providing flexibility in design while maximizing heater coverage area.

Waterproof Design
Solaira ICR Series infrared heater are IP55 rated for completely wet or dry environments.

Infrastructure Grade Materials And Design
Solaira ICR Series infrared heater are manufactured from 1050 grade aluminum with high grade polyester powder coating. All mounting components/threaded hardware are stainless steel and high grade, high reflectivity anodized reflectors provide long life performance.

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Ideal for warehouses, shipping areas, restaurants, valet, restaurant patio, concierge desk, driving ranges, security gate houses, arena seating, community centers, place of worship, zoos and outdoor entertainment complexes.

Contact us to see if the Solaira Candel Series is the right fit for you.