Malibu Series

• Fixed location post mounted unit, ideal for open terraces and patios
• Rated for indoor/ outdoor wet, exposed environments

Solaira Malibu Series

Fixed Location, Fixture Mounted Heaters

Generate the ultimate comfort for your guest with our fixed location, Malibu fixture mounted heating series

Solaira Malibu
Solaira Malibu
  • Commercial design and performance
  • Heavy duty epoxy powder coated aluminum structure
  • Fixed location
  • 360° direction, Heats up to 300 sq. ft (29 sq. m)
  • Simple contractor assembly
  • Ideal for open terraces, patios etc
  • IP55 rated and can be exposed to all outdoor elements (snow/wind/rain)

The Malibu Quartz Infrared Heater is a wall mount unit, ideal for commercial and residential Patios, Garden Areas Gazebos and Awnings.

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Ideal for restaurants, valet, restaurant patio, driving ranges, security gate houses, area seating, community centers, place of worship, zoos and outdoor entertainment complexes.

Solaira Malibu - Patio heating system

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