Solaira XL Series

Sleek, Architectural and Powerful

High efficiency architectural infrared heater

1.5kW 120 or 240V, 2.0kW/240V
1.5kW 120 or 240V, 2.0kW/240V


Solaira XL Series Heaters are engineered as a high output, high efficiency architectural infrared heater. The extruded design and large parabolic reflector provides an attractive, high performance, weatherproof heat source. This series is engineered for both mid and low-clearance installation and are especially well suited for design influenced environments requiring high output.  Solaira XL heaters are ideal for commercial and residential areas such as open air terraces, restaurant hostess and waiting areas, clubs or pubs.

  • IP55 Certified for outdoor/indoor ‘wet’ environments
  • Safe / Maintenance Free / Odourless
  • Scratch resistant epoxy powder coat finish
  • Extruded 6061 aircraft aluminum fixture
  • Available in 1.5kW, 120V, 1.5 and 2.0kW, 240V
  • cCSAus listed (UL2021 4th edition, CSA 22.2)
  • Available in Black or White
Note: XL Heaters are available in standard -B BLACK (RAL9005) AND –W WHITE (RAL9010), custom RAL colors available
Note: All models come in standard low glare emitter lamps, for Ultra-low glare, please see CANDEL Series (LL) (PS..make CANDEL clickable to Candel)
ModelGTIN/UPC#Total Power (Watts)Voltage (Volts)Total Current (Amps)Min. Height From Floor (Inches/cm)Clearance to Ceiling (Inches/cm) Clearance to Side-Wall (Inches/cm)Weight (Pounds/kg.)Replacement Emmitter
Ceiling MountWall Mount
SCOSYXL15120B687175002000150012012.579″ (201cm)11-3/4″ (30cm)40″ (100cm)6.2lbs (2.8kg)SWIREAW15120
SCOSYXL15120W687175002017150012012.579″ (201cm)11-3/4″ (30cm)40″ (100cm)6.2lbs (2.8kg)SWIREAW15120
SCOSYXL15240B6871750020241500/1125240/2086.3/5.479″ (201cm)11-3/4″ (30cm)40″ (100cm)6.2lbs (2.8kg)SWIREAW15240
SCOSYXL15240W6871750020311500/1125240/2086.3/5.579″ (201cm)11-3/4″ (30cm)40″ (100cm)6.2lbs (2.8kg)SWIREAW15240
SCOSYXL20240B6871750020482000/1500240/2088.3/7.2103″/79″ (249/201cm)11-3/4″ (30cm)40″ (100cm)6.2lbs (2.8kg)SWIREAW20240
SCOSYXL20240W6871750020552000/1500240/2088.3/7.2103″/79″ (249/201cm)11-3/4″ (30cm)40″ (100cm)6.2lbs (2.8kg)SWIREAW20240


6871750030453000/2250240/20812.5/10.898″ (250cm)11-3/4″ (30cm)40″ (100cm)13.2lbs (6.0kg)SWIRE15240-L1

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Ideal for warehouses, shipping areas, restaurants, valet, restaurant patio, concierge desk, driving ranges, security gate houses, arena seating, community centers, place of worship, zoos and outdoor entertainment complexes.

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