Quality Infrared Heating

Solaira radiant electric heaters are engineered to the highest quality standard for infrastructure grade commercial heating installations. This quality focus reviews all components and design to assure maximum performance, efficiency and life of the product.

Solaira Emitter Lamps

Solaira emitter lamps are of the highest quality, manufactured in Europe and specifically engineered for our shortwave heating products. The emitter lamps are available in standard low glare S-wave and ultra-low Glare Candel series for customers looking for low light levels without compromising the delivered radiant heat. Solaira emitter lamps convert greater than 90% (and greater then 85% after reflector) of consumed energy into directional short wave radiant heat. The emitter lamps are thermally shock resistant and can operate in temperatures as low as -31°F (-35°C). Emitter lamps (and fixture) are IP55 ingress protection rated for wet environments (as tested with water jet spray nozzle 6.3mm from any direction). Note: some heater manufacturers claim IP65 heater which we believe are not required for most outdoor installations. Heaters rated at IP24 or greater are generally suitable for outdoor wet environments and we believe IP65 designs make emitter lamp replacement and maintenance very difficult.

High Grade Polished Aluminum Reflectors

High Grade Polished Aluminum Reflector are critical to ensuring that the majority of the generated radiant electric heat is directed at the intended object. Given Solaira S-wave emitters reflectance is in the 85-95% (higher range for the IR-A portion), only premium grade, highly polished and well gauged reflector material is utilized. Some competitive products will save cost AND performance by using lower grade, non-polished reflectors which limit the directed energy and retain more of it in the body of the heater. Gold reflector are utilized in the majority of our heaters to reduce visible light.

Superior Parabolic Reflectors

Superior Parabolic Reflector and emitter focal point optimization are required to maximize heat output. Solaira heaters utilizes CAD technology in the design of the emitter/reflector system to achieve optimal heat delivery. More importantly, poorly designed reflector/emitter systems redirect energy back onto the emitter lamp and can increase important “pinch” temperatures, reducing the effective lifespan of the emitter lamp.

Epoxy Coated Aluminum

Epoxy Coated extruded aircraft aluminum or formed aluminum fixture bodies are utilized to assure long life, limited fixture deformation (over time) and minimize corrosive exposure. Fixtures are engineered with important emitter heat sinks and venting to maintain optimal emitter and pinch temperatures. Mounting accessories are of like material and connecting hardware are of high quality stainless steel for outdoor applications.

External Junction Box

External Junction Box are utilized on all Solaira heaters so that certified installing electricians can connect power outdoors as required by local, state/provincial and N.E.C. requirements.